Developer Team Member Registration Instructions:

If you are a technical member of the development team, we do not conduct interviews or written exams for recruitment. You can directly register to participate in the development process. This ensures that you possess the necessary skills to guarantee the accuracy of game development. Registration requires a fee of $500 (administrative personnel fees are $5000). After game testing, if you receive approval from the deputy manager, you can receive a refund of this fee. If you do not have the required skills, please inform us in advance. We will match you with a teacher during the development process. Of course, this incurs a separate fee, which the teacher determines. It could be $5000 or even $50,000. If you lack the necessary skills, your fee will be forfeited. Please note that ownership rights are non-refundable. Please carefully consider this before registering. If you do not participate in development after registering, you can request a refund. However, we do not process mid-term refunds; they will be handled once the game is officially launched to avoid disrupting our development progress.







Golden pheasant, red pig, motorcycle, bicycle, rocket, broom, gryphon, pterosaur, sword sword, nine-tailed fox

Golden Pheasant: The Golden Pheasant is a colorful chicken. Its feathers come in a variety of colors including red, yellow, green, and blue. Its eyes are also bright, and its mouth and feet are golden. Its levels are divided into: Golden Pheasant, Flaming Pheasant, Golden Pheasant, Divine Pheasant and Phoenix. With each level, its colors become more vivid, its body becomes stronger, and its feathers become more gorgeous. The most advanced phoenix is also more gorgeous. There will be the effect of fire, and the sound of its name will shake the heaven and the earth.

  • Red Pig: Red Pig is an intermediate riding skill. Its speed is average, but it will suddenly kill the character’s strength and endurance attributes. The levels of pigs are divided into: ordinary pigs, wild boars, king pigs, sacred pigs and heavenly pigs.

  • Motorcycle: But a motorcycle is an advanced type of riding. It is fast and consumes fuel resources. The motorcycle burst character increases attack and defense attributes. The levels of motorcycles are divided into: ordinary motorcycles, bicycle motorcycles, racing motorcycles, chariot motorcycles and speed motorcycles.

  • Bicycle: The bicycle is a top-level mount, but it is extremely fast and consumes money resources. Bicycle armed characters have increased Charisma and Prestige attributes. The levels of bicycles are divided into: ordinary bicycles, bicycles, luxury bicycles, super bicycles and future bicycles.

  • Red Fox: But the Red Fox is a special mount, its speed changes randomly, and it destroys the character’s intelligence and dexterity attributes. The levels of red foxes are: ordinary red fox, white fox, fantasy red fox, demon fox and fairy fox.

  • Rocket: Rocket is a low-level flying mount, but it flies very fast and consumes fuel resources. Rocket Explosion characters increase burst and impact attributes. The levels of rockets are divided into: ordinary rockets, bazookas, rocket launchers, rockets and rocket nuclear bombs.

  • Broom: The broom is an intermediate flying mount. Its flying speed is average, but its vibration character will increase its magic power and control attributes. The levels of brooms are divided into: ordinary brooms, magic brooms, flying brooms, star brooms and celestial brooms.

  • Griffin: The Griffin is an advanced flying mount. It flies very fast, but it consumes meat resources. The gryphon adjusts its character to increase the attributes of courage and glory. The levels of griffins are divided into: ordinary griffin, golden griffin, king griffin, divine griffin and celestial griffin.

  • Pterodactyl: Pterodactyl is a top-level flying mount. It flies extremely fast, but consumes aura resources. The Pterodactyl Unstable character has increased power and dominance attributes. The levels of pterosaurs are divided into: ordinary pterosaurs, red fire pterosaurs, x, x and colorful dragons.

  • Mitsurugi: Mitsurugi is a special flying mount. Its flying speed changes randomly, but it shakes the character to increase sword intent and inspiration attributes. The levels of sword control are divided into: ordinary sword, flying sword, divine sword, fairy sword and sword king.

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Golden Pheasant, Red Pig, Motorcycle, Bicycle, Rocket, Broom, Gryphon, Pterosaur, Sword, Nine-tailed Fox