Developer Team Member Registration Instructions:

If you are a technical member of the development team, we do not conduct interviews or written exams for recruitment. You can directly register to participate in the development process. This ensures that you possess the necessary skills to guarantee the accuracy of game development. Registration requires a fee of $500 (administrative personnel fees are $5000). After game testing, if you receive approval from the deputy manager, you can receive a refund of this fee. If you do not have the required skills, please inform us in advance. We will match you with a teacher during the development process. Of course, this incurs a separate fee, which the teacher determines. It could be $5000 or even $50,000. If you lack the necessary skills, your fee will be forfeited. Please note that ownership rights are non-refundable. Please carefully consider this before registering. If you do not participate in development after registering, you can request a refund. However, we do not process mid-term refunds; they will be handled once the game is officially launched to avoid disrupting our development progress.






Animation and coding confirmation: Technical partners involved in animation production and programming are confirmed to join the development team. Orders mark certifications as team members.

Overlord: This is a zoomed-out map(The NPC belongs to the Battle for Glory map 500VS500)(含宠物PK)

  1. Overlord: The heart of the Overlord Empire, known for its impregnable walls and towering towers. A bustling scene of the city’s market. At the heart of the gang’s battle, there are many large cities, each of which is a strategic point. The major cities at the top of the hegemony are as follows:


God of War Temple: The God of War Temple is the player’s private territory and the starting point for heroes. It’s not just a safe haven for players, it’s the heart of their strategy. The NPCs in the hall have their own roles to provide the necessary support and services to ensure that they can continue on their quest for supremacy. Includes City Lords, Heroes, Mount Ambassadors, Pet Masters, Forge Masters, Alchemist Wizards, Teleportation Ambassadors, Gang Ambassadors, Battle Banners, and Storekeepers.


phantom Beast Courtyard: In the upper left corner of the Temple of the God of War, there is a secret passage to the player’s private space, the Phantom Beast Courtyard. This courtyard is a mysterious garden guarded by powerful magic, ensuring that it is not disturbed by the outside world. Here, pets and mounts are free to roam and enjoy this peaceful paradise. Garrisoned: Hero Ambassadors, Pet Masters, Mount Masters.

  1. Overlord Domain(A scaled-down version of the Overlord map 6vs6): Located in the southeast of the city, the Overlord Domain is a map designed for players to team up to fight, with varied terrain and strong strategy. It consists of the south city, the north city, and the middle ground, forming a 6VS6 PVP game battle map.

South City:

North City:

Middle Zone: North-South Wild Interaction, Buff Looting.


  1. Treasure SecretRealm: The Treasure Secret Realm is teleported to a place full of unknowns and surprises, where players can search for treasures, but also be careful of the dangers that lurk. It is divided into treasure scramble and boss challenge.(1) Treasure Scramble Map:
  2. (2) Boss Challenge Map: 



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Overlord City, Hall of the God of War, Fantasy Beast Courtyard, Overlord God's Domain, Overlord City NPC Battlefield, Treasure Hunt, BOSS Challenge


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