Developer Team Member Registration Instructions:

If you are a technical member of the development team, we do not conduct interviews or written exams for recruitment. You can directly register to participate in the development process. This ensures that you possess the necessary skills to guarantee the accuracy of game development. Registration requires a fee of $500 (administrative personnel fees are $5000). After game testing, if you receive approval from the deputy manager, you can receive a refund of this fee. If you do not have the required skills, please inform us in advance. We will match you with a teacher during the development process. Of course, this incurs a separate fee, which the teacher determines. It could be $5000 or even $50,000. If you lack the necessary skills, your fee will be forfeited. Please note that ownership rights are non-refundable. Please carefully consider this before registering. If you do not participate in development after registering, you can request a refund. However, we do not process mid-term refunds; they will be handled once the game is officially launched to avoid disrupting our development progress.

Create heroes(Second Group)





Create the first group of 10 heroes: the creator customizes the appearance and type of the heroes. Refer to the hero’s basic attribute values




Additional information

development team

Program, Art, Creator (stakeholder)

Create a hero serial number

Create a hero 1, Create a hero 2, Create a hero 3, Create a hero 4, Create a hero 5, Create a hero 6, Create a hero 7, Create a hero 8, Create a hero 9, Create a hero 10


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