Invasive species removal - Public welfare and charity - March 30, 2024

American Kudzu Management Plan

Pueraria lobata is processed into food. Kudzu is a traditional Chinese medicine and a delicious ingredient, but in the United States, it is an invasive species that has caused serious ecological and economic problems in many places. In order to control the number and harm of kudzu, the U.S. government and all sectors of society have tried a variety of methods, such as manual removal, chemical poisoning, biological control, etc., but none have achieved ideal results. Our hypothesis is that there is an opportunity for the kudzu feed market to grow as kudzu can be processed to meet the needs and quality standards of U.S. farmers and growers by increasing its nutritional value and digestibility. Our goal is to process it into feed and supply it directly to farms, or directly establish breeding farms, which can not only reduce the amount and harm of kudzu, but also increase agricultural resources and income sources, and create economic value and commercial benefits.